“Huge amount of expertise on inclusion into the mainstream” Parent




“Candle has worked alongside the SALT offering extra vital expertise on access issues, gaining a clearer picture of cognitive function, and a huge knowledge and experience of inclusion of children like my son who has very complex physical problems.” Parent




“CandLE provided the appropriate instruction on how to differentiate according to my sons specific communication methods.” Parent




“I believe its services are unique in Britain.” Parent




“... their specialism in FCT and particularly neuro motor difficulties affecting pupils with more significant physical disabilities.” Nottingham LEA




“CandLE is the only Provider that has a holistic approach to communication for the child and Family.” Parent




“..their skills and expertise around a holistic augmentative communication approach that not only supported our daughter but all those working with her including her family.” Parent




“There has always been a positive and firm belief in her abilities, and with the skills from CandLE, she has been enabled to show what she really knows and is capable of. This has helped her self-esteem enormously.” Parent




“Their knowledge of AAC has guided us as a school to enable specific students to achieve their potential; without them we would have failed some of our students. The adjustments we were able to make ranged from many minor adaptations, through to more complicated technological programmes.” Hampstead High School




“What my son learnt in a year with candle is much more than at school where he has been for the last nine years.  Their level of teaching is unique and we value them.” Parent




“..we did not feel that our local provider was able to address our son's needs properly. CandLE have given more support to our son and to us in a short period of time and from a distance than our local provider has done in 18 years and within easy reach of us. We are looking forward to working with CandLE in the future with regards to eye gaze technology which is leading the way in the world of AAC. Our local provider cannot provide us with support for this.” Parent




“The help that the CandLE gave my mum and me to find the right communication aid was fantastic.” AAC user




“...they are the leading UK provider in the area of specialist support to people who have difficulty in accessing AAC devices.” Parent




 “The depth of knowledge, professional expertise, and personal commitment to helping children with communication disabilities is exceptional and they are quite simply the best.” Parent




“I found them to be very clear and precise in their training. I found them very easy to talk to and they addressed any issues on a one-to-one basis.” Teaching Assistant




“...were the only organisation we could find who really seemed to be supporting people with disabilities on this level. They also have a wide knowledge base and years of experience and are always looking for the best ways to support our son to reach his fullest potential.” Parent
“We are delighted with the support we have received from CandLE.” Parent