Bespoke Training for schools including AAC users


CandLE Ltd can offer a range of in-school training packages around the needs of individual students. We have worked for the past 17 years with mainstream schools across the country encouraging and supporting them to include students who have movement and communication difficulties.  


In addition to our Motor Planning Training programme we can also offer a 4 day course, with follow up, around the needs of individual students with complex needs. Mainstream schools who are including students who do not use speech to communicate find this a particularly helpful course. Issues covered will be relevant for the individual student and can include:


· Practical advice about how to differentiate the curriculum. 


· Guidance on appropriate Assistive Technology. 


· Guidance on Augmentative and Alternative Communication strategies.


· Person Centred Planning support.


· Advice in regard to physical access needs.


·  Disability Equality Training.


The course involves four mornings of theory and four afternoons working with the student/s and their staff team in practical ways. A report is provided and a follow up visit is made so that we can help the school with any problems that may have arisen. After this the school is entitled to remote support via internet, phone or web link for the next 12 months.


For students who are in transition to secondary schools we tailor the training slightly differently. We encourage secondary schools to have identified staff in the term before the student is due to start. We have an initial training day with staff towards the end of the summer term which introduces disability equality issues as well as looking forward to how things will look when the student attends secondary school, introduce technology that might be useful and start to look at differentiation. We then run a three day block of training during September or early October after the student has started. This involves three half days of theory around person centred planning supports, differentiation and the use of AAC and AT. The other three half days are reserved for direct work with the student, family and the staff involved with the student. We then make a fifth visit in November or December to support development. As with our general bespoke training a report follows along with remote support for the rest of the year.