CandLE Short Courses

At CandLE we have some of the most cutting-edge training bringing in new ideas as well as consolidating existing approaches that have served all special needs sector professionals over time. Our short courses are generally half day courses giving you a taste of the issue that is of interest to you and usually cost £600 for up to 12 people plus travel at 46p per mile and accommodation where necessary. These courses are often bought in to support INSET days in schools. Contact us to discuss your needs at: 


Approaches to inclusion for mainstream schools.

Supporting Special Schools in developing outreach services to mainstream schools.

Using windows software to develop resources for teaching.

Introducing Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) in the classroom.

  Understanding the underlying issues that can present students who rely on AAC to access learning.

How movement difficulties affect access to communication and learning aids; approaches to improve access.

Developing and adapting high and low tech communication systems.

Dynamic assessment techniques and record keeping to ensure individual progress for pupils with special needs. 

Teaching reading to students with severe learning difficulties, movement difficulties and/or communication impairment.

 An introduction to the AAC City and Guilds.


Organising the team of support around students who rely on AAC in mainstream schools.

Bespoke training to suit your circumstances. Talk to us about your needs.