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This qualification is available to any student who has complex communication needs and/or uses AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication). The course encourages students to develop their communication skills beyond requesting and choosing to include, initiating conversation, repairing misunderstandings, instructing and directing, using social media, dealing with everyday problems and organising their own AAC device. Once the criteria have been met the student is eligible for an award or a certificate at the appropriate level. Levels available are entry level 2, entry level 3 and level 1. At entry level 2, one word responses are sufficient and can be expressed though gesture, sign, symbol use, text or speech with known people in a familiar environment. At entry level 3 short phrases, 2 or 3 word responses, need to be expressed with both known and unknown people in a familiar environment. At Level 1, students will respond with some compound sentences, with known and unknown people, in familiar and unfamiliar environments.



CandLE is the only oraganisation working nationally that offers AAC City & Guilds. CandLE is a not-for-profit company offering communication and learning services throughout the UK to people who rely on AAC. We have qualified teachers and a qualified Speech and Language Therapist who support this work all of whom have extensive experience in working with students who rely on AAC.



This guide should be read in conjunction with the ‘Qualification Handbook for Centre’s. The handbook provides full details on the expected outcomes for individual students at each level. The handbook can be obtained at this link: https://cdn.cityandguilds.com/ProductDocuments/Skills_for_Work_and_Life/English_Mathematics_and_ICT_Skills/3716/Centre_documents/3716-01_EL1-EL3_Qualification_handbook_v1.pdf



CandLE can support this qualification in the following ways:


  • Registration of individual students is a one-off cost of £120 per student per level award. Thereafter, fees to CandLE depend on the amount of support required. The student then has four years to complete the course.

  • CandLE will develop a portfolio file for each registered student.

  • CandLE will discuss the level of award that is appropriate for each student and provide a scheme of work to cover this.

  • Lesson plans are provided on a regular basis.

  • Witness statements need producing for each learning outcome. People in all environments that the students frequents are encouraged to participate including those in school/college, home and respite settings. CandLE will provide support throughout this process.

  • CandLE will process, order, code and verify witness statement evidence and submit to the awarding body.

  • CandLE staff will be on hand every week to discuss your needs and offer support at a specified time which will be agreed in advance.

  • Regular visits will be made to your site to provide hands on support the frequency of which will depend on the support you need. There will be an extra cost of travel and accommodation. Each case will be negotiated individually with sensitivity to your financial constraints.

  • CandLE will undertake all of the internal verification of witness statement, track your students’ progress and generate their final awards through the City and Guilds authorised process.


Entry Level 2 Outcomes

Entry Level 3 Outcomes

Examples of Witness Statements

Enquiry Form

Example costing:


  • 8 students

  • 1 termly visit

  • Remote support on a weekly basis (1 hour per week)

  • £380 per student per year

  • School commits to one lesson per week and completing 4 witness statements per week per student for each focussed learning outcome for that week (Lesson plans and proforma witness statement templates will be provided).