Welcome to CandLE


We are a not for profit communication and learning centre which supports communication and learning needs of children and adults who need Alternative and Augmentative Communication and Assistive Technology. We work with families, school, residential homes and local community groups, and offer assessments, advice and training as well as ongoing support.


Our particular specialist areas are implementing and developing communication systems, supporting students with complex need to access the mainstream curriculum, and sustained involvement and networking with families and disability rights groups. We have a commitment to a person-centred approach.



CandLE came into being in response to the needs of a number of students who rely on AAC for communication and who are accessing mainstream school. Our lead teacher Marion Stanton has supported many such students over the past 25 years, many of whom have gone on to take appropriate qualifications. The majority of students she has worked with attended mainstream schools but needed specialist input to support their communication and access to the curriculum. Marion now leads a team of teachers and teaching assistants who are able to adapt the curriculum so that students can access lessons using both high-tech (computer) and low-tech (paper-based) means.



CandLE started up in 2008 and is now offering services throughout the UK with teachers in London, the North and the east of England. We also have a speech and language therapist who is based in the East and a number of resource managers who adapt work and help with the development of useful generic resources to support learning. We also provid3e specific resources for individual students in response to the curriculum that they are following.



In recent years CandLE staff have been concerned to ensure that students who rely on AAC, both in mainstream and in alternative provision, have access to conventional literacy teaching at the level that will enable them to make progress in literacy. CandLE staff have attended various courses included Read Write Inc. training and 4-Blocks training as well as developing some of our own resources and training materials which have been trialled and found to be successful. We offer training courses to mainstream and special schools in both access to the curriculum and the teaching of literacy. We are working closely with the national organisation for people who use AAC, Communication Matters, to support them in putting on study days which have a focus on literacy.